Use Cases

Custom Messaging platform for all your communication needs.

Applozic for E-commerce & Marketplaces

Increase lifetime value of customers with personalized recommendations and stellar support.

Shopping Assistant

  • Make personalized recommendations based on user input
  • Integrates with all bot builder platforms
Social Shopping plugin, built using Applozic Chat SDK

Social Shopping

Creates more engagement & fastens transactions.
Configure Real-time updates using Applozic Chat API

Real-time Updates

Logistics tracking and other facilitation details to keep the user in loop.
Buyer-Seller Chat plugin, built using Applozic Chat API

Buyer Seller Chat

Facilitate buyer-seller chat for fast decision making.

Applozic for Customer Support

Delight your customers with a real-time support system.

One-to-One Chat plugin built using Applozic Chat SDK

Real-time Support Chat

Customers can send a message, receive your reply and resolve the issue, all without having to leave the app.
Group Chat Channels built using Applozic Chat API

Automated Support

A guided automated user flow to handle routine support requests.

Content Sharing on Chat plugin


Integrate with your CRM, Helpdesk or Bot platform to keep all your tools in sync.

Applozic for On-Demand services

Improve user experience with more personalization and boost loyalty with contextual support.

Chatbot Integration with Applozic Chat SDK

Bot Integration

Users can place an order or modify/cancel it directly on Chat.
Broadcast In-app Messages with Applozic Chat API

Broadcast Smart Messages

Replace SMS with In-app Messages with contextual CTA buttons.
Send Real-time updates using Applozic Chat API

Real-time Status updates:

Keep users notified about order statuses, technician whereabouts etc.

Applozic for Social Communities

Regular interaction between users helps in fostering a stronger community.

One-to-One Chat plugin built using Applozic Chat SDK

User-to-user Chat

1-1 Chat & Audio/Video Calling options to build engagement among users.
Group Chat Channels built using Applozic Chat API

Public/Private Channels

Open channels for users to join and participate in the conversation.
Content Sharing on Chat plugin

Content Sharing

Users can express themselves more clearly with rich content sharing.

Applozic for Healthcare

A connected healthcare ecosystem results in decreased costs & improved treatment outcomes.

Chat plugin for coordinated team care

Coordinated team care

Dedicated communication interface for patient-centric conversations.
Present reports on Chat plugin, built using Applozic Chat SDK

Present reports in chat

Upload & send all diagnostic reports to patients in any file format.
Telemedicine Platform with Video Call API

Telemedicine platform

IP-based Audio/Video calling for remote patient care.

Applozic for Field services

Close the skill gap of your field workforce and build team camararedie in the process.

Chat plugin for one-to-one conversation

One-to-One Conversation

Close the skill gap by giving employees quick access to seasoned employees.
Chat plugin for Inter Company Communication

Company Communication

Pass on all corporate informational resources, strategies & ideas on chat.
Chat plugin for Intra Company Communication

Intra Team Communication

Keep employees excited by giving them a platform for casual chat & idea sharing.