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Applozic partners with SaaS service providers who share a common vision of leveraging the power of communication to deliver innovative solutions to their customers.

Applozic Partner Program

Software as a Service (SaaS) providers leverage Applozic to deliver innovative communications solutions to their customers such as one to one chat, group chat, audio/video calling, in-app messaging, push notification and message broadcasting.

SaaS partners sell a complete packaged solution to their customers with communication powered by Applozic.

Partner Program Benefits

The partner program is tiered to allow our partners to grow throughout the program.

Benefits Authorized Preferred Premier
Tech Sessions check-icon check-icon check-icon
Priority Support (Implementation) check-icon check-icon check-icon
Partner logo usage check-icon check-icon check-icon
Write guest blog posts, subject to review by Applozic editorial team check-icon check-icon check-icon
Joint case study produced by Applozic cross-icon check-icon check-icon
Eligible for support of partner-led announcements & press cross-icon cross-icon check-icon
Invited to partner events cross-icon check-icon check-icon
Company profile on Applozic showcase cross-icon check-icon check-icon
Eligible to participate in partner coffee talk program cross-icon cross-icon check-icon
Access to private betas & early tester programs check-icon check-icon check-icon
Quarterly business review cross-icon check-icon check-icon
Joint sales & marketing goals, plans, & execution cross-icon cross-icon check-icon
Partner communications check-icon check-icon check-icon

Partner Program Requirements

Only partners who have signed agreement with Applozic are considered official partners.

Requirements Authorized Preferred Premier
Minimum monthly recurring revenue $0.00 $1000.00 $5000.00
Unique customers using joint Applozic and partner solution within 3 months 0 10 30
Pipeline visibility (account tracking & end customer point of sale info) cross-icon check-icon check-icon
Signed SaaS partner agreement with revenue share Agreement Agreement Agreement
Client Base (minimum) 1 Country 2 Countries 3 Countries