What Is a Chat API?

A chat API is an application programming interface that enables access to a cloud-based infrastructure, equipped with features that help developers build real-time chat streams and experiences that scale and grow within one platform.

Why they’re awesome: brands use chat APIs to connect with each other, and their communities, by creating and developing rapid-fire conversations that grow alongside them.

This leads to better retention rates, higher conversions, more revenue, and stronger relationships fostered between brands and consumers on a much more personal level

Why do I need a chat API?

Without chat APIs, modern businesses would continue struggling with manual, clunky chatrooms, unresponsive notifications, and messaging that never reaches the right place. It’s because of chat and messaging APIs and SDKs that companies of all kinds are able to build chat products that stick with their growth speed, while also interacting in real-time with customers.


What if I already have a messenger app?

The truth is that brands can’t engage, interact and reach their communities at the same level as a chat API by simply using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Snapchat.

While they’re useful for basic marketing outreach and surface-level communication, they can’t provide control from an end-to-end experience or user data, and are not equipped with the same multifaceted features that real-time chat can bring.

Chat APIs enable you to take the reins of your messaging across all touchpoints of your brand.

From personalized messaging, to a completely customizable user experience, to push notifications, collaboration capabilities, and more — you can transform your business (and how it communicates) for the better, thanks to messaging that engages and scales with you.

Voice & Video Calling for social app

What about voice & video messaging?

With modern communication shifting almost exclusively to digital platforms, visuals and sounds are more important to include with your chat than ever before.

With voice and video APIs, you can connect your chat with additional features like screen-sharing, visual collaboration, voice-calling, and more that help you elevate conversations for your brand and your users, simultaneously.

Voice & Video messaging for social app

So, what can a chat API do for you?

With your own chat API, the sky’s the limit. Whether you work in online marketplaces and eCommerce, on-demand services, digital healthcare, edTech, or gaming, incorporating a chat API into your business will help you connect and engage with your community in real-time.

Use a chat API to build a custom solution for any use case



When you think of chat, this is what comes to mind. Enable your users to engage with each other through all digital mediums, from in-game chat streams, to social media sites, to dating apps, public and private communities, and more.

Top User-to-User Industries:

Social Communities


Gaming & eSports



Make buying, selling, and exchanging information between buyers and sellers frictionless with a chat API for your online marketplace or eCommerce store.

Top Buyer & Seller Industries:

Online Marketplace &



Your service deserves a secure, seamless method of connecting and communicating between providers and users. Build trust with new and long-time users alike, and make every conversation a trustworthy, enjoyable experience.

Top Service Providers & Users Industries:

On-Demand Services

Digital Healthcare & eHealth

EdTech & Online Education



Internal communication between staff members should be easy. With a chat API, you can make it happen, whether you work in healthcare, education, or any industry that needs a bridge in conversations for your staff.

Top Staff & Staff Industries:

Digital Healthcare & eHealth

EdTech & Online Education



Make education a breeze between teachers and students, tutors and students, and additional use cases that form the little gaps you hope to close with an advanced chat API.

Top Teacher & Student Industries:

EdTech & Online Education



If you’re relying mostly on your app to communicate directly with consumers, use a chat API to take those automated conversations from dull to exceptional. Your users will thank you.

Top App-to-User Industries:

Digital Healthcare & eHealth

EdTech & Online Education

On-Demand Services

Social Communities



Create actionable messaging that connects your broadcasting platform or individual broadcaster with your audience.

Top Broadcaster-to-Audience Industries:


Gaming & eSports

Social Communities



Enable live chat support for your users across any industry. Utilize active, real-time digital customer support inside your app to answer questions, deliver remote requests, track ticketing, and monitor in-app interactions.

Top Live Support-to-User Industries:

Digital Healthcare & eHealth

EdTech & Online Education

On-Demand Services



Every enterprise is different, and requires communication that scales with a specific, custom list of requirements. Our enterprise chat solutions work for you and your partners, in field workforce, or even in internal communications.

Use a chat API to meet those needs, from evolving your customer support, and onboarding experience, to optimum security infrastructure.

Ready to build your own chat API?

What should you expect in a chat API?

Unfortunately, many chat platforms will provide you with limited, subpar solutions for advanced problems. Ideally, you should choose a trusted provider who has a proven track record of reliable performance, scalability, and flexibility, all to fit your needs.

We take the wool out of your eyes and say it like it is: our chat solution gives you what you should expect, whether you work in a small startup or a rapidly expanding enterprise.

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Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
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Chat for eCommerce

Ordinary chat is available anywhere. The best chat is found with us.

Join thousands of innovative brands in building platform APIs that give you the flexibility and control you need to extend, collaborate, and grow.