Build and ship real-time chat in minutes, not months

Timely, cost-efficient chat and messaging APIs, SDKs and customizable UI kits at your fingertips. Build what you want--and what your customers need -- all in an easily integratable platform for your web and mobile apps.

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Reaching your customers has
never been easier

Experience powerful UI customization, lightning-fast integration, and messaging APIs and SDKs suited for the most broadly-used digital platforms.

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integration on every platform

Integrate every feature you need across multiple platforms without the hassle of outsourced installations and confusing tools.


Never build from scratch again

Use our advanced customizable UI kit to create exactly what you want, with tools so easy to use you won’t believe how quickly you finish each project.


Modern chat for modern users

Flexible APIs and SDKs made for easy in-app changes, effortless online and offline messaging, media sharing, notifications, and more.

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Ditch the frustrating tools. Keep development simple

Most chat platforms take months, or even years, to create. So, we did something about it, with chat SDKs and APIs that make it easier than ever for developers to build and complete projects for iOS, web, Android, and more in a fraction of the time.


“With Applozic, powering messaging is a breeze. The best part is it integrates seamlessly on all platforms and provides the same set of features and ease of customization.”

Richard Delamore,

Co-Founder & CEO at Amikumu

Imagine this: immersive conversations delivered in real-time

No restrictions. No late nights stressing over your next move. Just you, your vision, and your customers. Get to know our best-in-class features firsthand.

Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
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The flexibility and customizability of Applozic's SDKs are wonderful. We could build exactly what we want, in much less time than we thought it would take

Eugene Stetsko

VP Tech & RD, The8App

Use cases and sample apps for seamless chat experiences

Because no developer should start a project blind. Our rich documentation resources, from sample apps to use cases help guide you to craft the exact messaging platform you need for your industry.

See how companies in your space, from startups to global enterprise, use Applozic to create their dream messaging solution.


Personalized Experiences

Make every user experience a personable one. Switch seamlessly between chat threads without losing touch with your customers


Interactive Conversations

Actionable messaging makes tasks like scheduling, shopping and booking effortless for every customer journey


Message Broadcasting

Send one message to several contacts at once. Create announcements to drive engagement and transactions


Groups and Communities

Create and monitor both public and private group forums, channels, and admin-run discussion hotspots

Calling all modern-day creators


“Applozic Messaging solutions helped us provide a secure communication platform to our customers. Their support during integration made us choose them over other providers.”

Armumuga Nainar



“One thing we love about Applozic is their easy-to-understand documentation. This made the overall setup super quick and saved us months of development time.”

Alex Klein



“Super easy, powerful addition to our site and the team couldn’t have been any more responsive and helpful.”

Eli Gross


Bring your messaging to life with dozens of integrations

Start building your complete chat solution today

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