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Chat Software that is build with the needs of enterprises in mind. Scales infinitely, and as you grow. Best-in class security that protects your users.

Enterprise grade secure chat app

Enterprises who use us, love us...

From not-for-profit organizations to global corporations, enterprises choose Applozic for optimum scalability, support, security, and advanced in-app chat messaging that grows with your brand, not against it. We power over half a billion API messages for enterprise each day — and counting.

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You deserve secure, actionable messaging for your enterprise

Our complete in-app chat API and SDK platform delivers robust uptime SLA, tight-knit security compliance, and onboarding service support you won’t find anywhere else.

Happy users chatting on tablet
Happy users chatting on tablet

Real-time support that works with you, not against you

Enhance the onboarding experience with real-time support. Our team of experts will help you integrate your desired communication tools and import your data to keep everything in either shared or dedicated hosting. The choice is yours.

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Personalized onboarding

Empower your team with both integrations and seamless onboarding services through our platform. Our dedicated customer success experts, consultants, and account teams work to help you navigate your journey hassle-free.

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Dedicated management

Start and finish your enterprise messaging journey with industry-best support. Our dedicated account managers, customer success managers, and team of solution experts will work with you via our Slack channel before and post-launch.

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Custom integrations

Enable your users to input and remove custom data through your application. Our platform allows for flexible customization from top to bottom, easy to implement with just a few lines of code.

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Live email chat support

Get your team involved, share real-time updates, and feel conversations fly by smoothly through on-call email, chat and Slack support during and after onboarding.

Impress your customers and boost your reputation with 99.999% SLA uptime

Your SLA is the most important part of your company to your customers. If you have a lower-than-perfect SLA both before and after they sign up, they will walk — every single time. With Applozic, you can ensure that your SLA uptime is not only high-quality and industry-best, but reliable in handling your customer’s money, so you can prove your dependability as an enterprise through our all-in-one messaging platform.

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99.999% SLA uptime

Get top-of-the-line, always-available SLA uptime and support for your enterprise, so your customers can trust your business and become raving fans from the moment they sign up.

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Fast response times

Delight your customers with rapid-fire response times through our messaging APIs. Consult with one of our experts, or have your developer dig in and build your custom messaging channels using easily programmable building blocks.

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Flexible hosting

Choose from dedicated and shared hosting. Balance your data and security concerns with flexible deployment options. Choose between dedicated and shared hosting servers to best suit your needs.

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Live email chat support

Remove the issue of scrambling for your users individually, and manage your users from a consolidated, central dashboard.

Trust your data and privacy to reliable enterprise-grade security

We get it — security is one of your most valuable priorities. At Applozic, we take all of your enterprise security needs into consideration, from complex privacy compliance to advanced encryption that puts your data’s protection first.

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In-depth filtering & protection

Custom data processing, and in-depth filtering and batch operations, to better manage user interaction and collect data on a more efficient basis.

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Powerful data encryption

Input your data into our secure, scalable backend featuring end-to-end data encryption, both in motion and at rest. Choose an SSL/TSL-backed security infrastructure, complete with GDPR and ISO27001 EU / US Privacy Shield.

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User authentication

Your passwords are always protected and secure with us, empowered by our powerful two-factor authentication process.

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Audit logs

Administrators need a central hub to get a more organized look into their workflows. Our audit logs enable you to give your admins a detailed trail of every account activity.

Happy Applozic chat customer

We wanted to enable direct communication between various event participants across event mobile apps powered by Emaxio to increase the in-app engagement. Applozic had been extremely good at powering messaging. Integration was quick and easy. Applozic has a world class support team


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