Create personalized voice and video experiences for humans, not robots

Connect anyone face-to-face from all over the world, in seconds. With our voice and video APIs for web and mobile apps, you can scale meaningful conversations through the screen without having to create it from scratch.

User doing a video call

Face-to-face communication isn’t the future. It’s now.

It’s hard to make real connections with all the noise out there, from emojis to GIFs to icon-only text responses. The truth is that it’s easy to lose engagement on traditional platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. With our voice-calling and audio-calling APIs, you can finally bring real-time engaging experiences to users across multiple channels, and turn the noisy clutter into limitless conversations.

Start implementing voice and video-calling into your chat, today.


Boost engagement and scale your business

Connecting your users through video and voice enables meaningful conversations, happier customers, and stronger engagement across select channels


Deliver crystal-clear voice and video experiences

Support users on any device with high-quality audio and video messaging, which you can embed easily right into your web and mobile apps


Integrate your favorite platforms

Our APIs are compatible with any device, from Android, to iOS, to platform APIs

Happy Applozic customer

“We were looking for a way to get rid of our old messengers and find a way to connect with customers on a more personal level. Applozic video and voice-calling was a perfect fit for us, and our engagement went up by 30%!”

Ed Hofka,

CTO @ Webscale

Create crisp and clear voice and video conversations for your industry.

Most chat developers struggle making video and voice simple. We believe in using technologically advanced APIs in the backend, so you can focus on using those tools to build and develop voice and video messaging you’re proud of.

Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce

Developer-friendly, always

Scale as you grow with easily programmable APIs and SDKs that span across all of your chosen platforms.

Developer building Voice & Video calling app Developer building Voice & Video calling app

No matter your industry, we have a use case for you

The power of voice and video API for your business can change how you communicate with your customers for the better. Find out how with these select use cases.


Automate Workflows & Reduce Costs

Automate workflows by building reliable conversation systems through voice-calling and video-calling. Reduce costs by saving time for both your team and your community


Tight-Knit Security & Compliance

Keep every piece of conversational data on lockdown, thanks to an advanced security and compliance database at the core of any product you choose


Join From Anywhere on Any Device

Hop from any platform to the next, whether it’s desktop, web, or mobile, and keep users invested in real-time conversations, without dropping connections


Drive More Engagement and Retention Across All Channels

The flexibility of our SDKs make it possible for you to drive better engagement, increase interactions with your users, and improve your chances in retaining those customers through high-quality video and audio


Improve Customer Experiences

Programmable personalization capabilities make every customer experience unique to them, ensuring a satisfied and happy interaction you can expect from your buyers, shoppers, gamers, and more


Create Immersive In-App Experiences for Your Users & Community

No need for Zoom or Google Hangouts. Leave missed connections in the past, and keep communication light and easy to use for your users and the people they connect with

Voice & Video Call for healthcare app

Foster strong relationships with your patients through high-quality video and voice chat

With in-person meetings rarely an option, it’s understandable that you would struggle finding a solution to bridge the gap between informing your patients, and reassuring them through real-time updates. After all, healthcare is personable and requires a human touch.

Our voice and video APIs connect healthcare professionals like you with your patients through high-quality video, audio, and real-time chat. We made it exceptionally simple for developers to build a complete video and voice-calling solution for your business or practice, so you can create (and keep) better relationships with your patients.

Voice & Video Calling for social app

Make social interactions fun, bright, and a total breeze with crystal-clear video and audio

Sometimes even the most “social” social apps can’t get it right. From Instagram and Facebook to dating apps and gaming channels, your users are more likely to stick around with video and voice-calling that can keep up with interactions.

Integrate our voice and video APIs, and watch as your users share high-quality experiences, moments, and energized conversations through exceptionally clear voice and video calls. The flexibility of our platform enables both large and small audiences to engage.

Voice & Video calling for eLearning app

Teach your students effectively online through voice and video-calling

Get rid of the stress of online teaching, virtual tutoring, and classroom-based student management with voice and video. Virtually interact with your students through your desktop, mobile phone, or online communication apps, so you can listen and engage with them on a more personable level -- without having to be in the same room.

Experience state-of-the-art technology that puts you and your students on the same page. Our voice and video APIs make it possible or you to live-stream, share documents, content, and media, and showcase your teaching materials on-screen.

Applozic logo on desktop

Say hello to the Applozic Difference

Most chat platforms don’t consider the customer journey from beginning to end. At Applozic, we use the power of real-time communication through messaging, video and voice to connect the people you serve, so that you can leverage those experiences into increased engagement and retention.

While regular chat APIs are a solid entry point for any business looking to grow and build engagement with customers, voice and video are that next step to ensure you’re completing the experience.

Our voice and video APIs make personalization more than just a new tool for how you and your customers communicate, but a “new normal.” As a result, your users will develop a genuine relationship with your brand and business at a much faster and more personal pace.

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