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Buyer Seller Chat increases conversion rate, average order value and customer satisfaction

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Expedite Sales and Increase Order Value

Real-time buyer seller chat expedites decision making, resulting in quicker sales. It also improves user experience as in-app chat is convenient and also ensures user privacy.

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Support Customer more efficiently

Unlike phone calls and emails which are prone to bottlenecks, in-app chat is frictionless and convenient. It also makes way for embracing innovations such as chatbots and AI-assisted commerce.

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Building a robust, intuitive and feature loaded and a dedicated team to support comprehensive messaging system would have taken few months. The team at Applozic made integration a breeze and with their messaging platform, we were able to build something quickly that serves our millions of users; it works great and looks great too.

Puneet Kukreja

Associate Product Head,

Puneet Kukreja
We (YogaTrail) integrated Applozic recently in our platform (web and mobile). Super easy, powerful addition to our site, and we love the Applozic Team - they couldn't be more responsive and helpful! Highly recommend them, and would invest if I was an investor :)
Alex Klein

Alex Klein

CEO, YogaTrail