Secure Chat plugin for Healthcare Messaging

Improve treatment efficacy, delight patients and save staff time with a collaborative healthcare model

Towards a Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

Doctor-Patient (1-1) Chat

A great way for patients to be in touch with their care providers, ideal for post-hospitalization care and effective drug management.

Patient Centric Group Conversations

Bring the complete healthcare team together for powerful team dialogue, promoting coordination towards a collaborative treatment plan.

Healthcare Bot Integration

Easily integrate healthcare chatbots for booking appointments, sending medication reminders, checking symptoms and more.

Share Files and Reports

Present all medical reports as attachments for spontaneity, at the same time save on pesky mailing/faxing charges.


Improve treatment efficacy with collaboration

Centralized collaborative platform for team discussions, tracking updates, and uploading reports.

Delight patients to prevent attrition

Offer remote patient care for effective drug management and improve communication during patient handoffs.

Save your staff’s valuable time

Reduce phone volumes and call-backs to ensure your staff spends more time with patients and less time on chores.

Effective and convenient

Don’t let congested phone lines stand in the way of great patient care.


Your chat is responsive and real-time and the support team made integration so simple. It's helped us create a very useful, enjoyable and unintrusive networking app for our users. Thanks, guys!

Ian Keller

Founder, FirstHello

Ian Keller
We (YogaTrail) integrated Applozic recently in our platform (web and mobile). Super easy, powerful addition to our site, and we love the Applozic Team - they couldn't be more responsive and helpful! Highly recommend them, and would invest if I was an investor :)
Alex Klein

Alex Klein

CEO, YogaTrail