Chat for On-Demand Businesses

From food delivery, to grocery, to beauty and more, connect your on-demand service with consumers through advanced chat, voice and video communications — all from inside your web and mobile apps.

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Your business is crafted to help people navigate instant demand

Since the average person is exposed to around 5,000+ brands a day, it’s important to use tools that help you connect with your customers without sounding like everyone else. This is where in-app communication can help, from real-time chat to voice and video-calling.

cancellations cancellations

Reduce Cancellations

In-app messaging connects your service-providers with customers directly, allowing more transparent interactions, and reducing cancellations on bookings and appointments

messaging messaging

Customizable Messaging

Use advanced messaging APIs and SDKs to custom-build the exact messaging solution you want, no matter the industry

product-value product-value

Boost Product Value

Use push notifications to let customers know updates, trends, and new releases to your service, and increase customer retention as a result

engagement engagement

Increase Engagement

Boost high-value engagements through in-app messaging. Your users will flock to the smooth experience of chatting on both mobile and web

trust trust

Build Trust with Customers

In-app communications help businesses create better relationships with consumers, both for one-time and long-term timelines

proactive-messaging proactive-messaging

Proactive Messaging, Always

Real-time proactive messaging ensures your on-demand marketplace is always in contact with your customers, delivering important announcements

channel-integration channel-integration

Seamless Channel Integration

Use omnichannel messaging with existing channels through mobile and web, including conversation-based integrations like chatbots

security-privacy security-privacy

Security & Privacy

Trust every message to protective security and advanced data protection

Discover how real-time chat and messaging can elevate your business

“QuickrEasy, India’s largest on-demand home services, luxury and travel marketplace, needed to upgrade their phone-based support system and modernize how they communicated with consumers. Zimmber turned to Applozic to transition from long hours of voice-calls and unsatisfied customers, to real-time messaging for support. As a result, they saw a 25% decrease in voice calls. “

Case study

On-demand services giant,

QuikrEasy, connects customers,

vendors and support agents

through better in-app chat


On-demand services are more than just instant deliveries. They’re experiences

Leaving an impact on your customer is vital to keep them coming back to your online marketplace. Diminish the gap between you and your customers with messaging that looks human, feels real, and puts connection first with advanced chat, voice and video APIs and SDKs.



Build the messaging product you want for your on-demand service in a snap

Make your business unique and truly yours with programmable building blocks that craft your complete messaging platform in hours, not months.

  • Explore what you can create with your vision and our tools with a custom UI kit, messaging APIs and SDKs, and a secure backend that scales as you grow
  • Make every customer feel tended to on a professional level through rapidfire-response chat messaging streams
  • Integrate voice and video-calling to get face-to-face with your customers before, during and after transactions
Happy woman doing video call


It’s no big secret: personalized messaging makes customers happier — and boosts revenue for your business

Optimize user experiences through custom messages, notifications, chat support, and multichannel operations through both web and mobile apps.

  • Share media files and images with your customer and vice versa to personalize requests and raise transactions
  • Make every booking, delivery, and appointment scheduling a breeze with tools that connect the customer directly to you, and vice-versa
  • Address every point of the customer journey and create an interactive digital environment for every customer, encouraging engagement and revenue generation
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Make a great first (and last) impression

What and how your customers think of you, matters. Control how users interact with your brand with effortless chat moderation and seamless management tools.

  • Block unwanted users, prevent spam, and remove offensive users directly from your app
  • Filter profanity and abusive language, and censor unwanted images
  • Heavy security protocols keep your data on lock, and ensure each customer is navigating your apps with confidence
Customer delighted after good support


From hairstylists to delivery services, discover how in-app communications make on-demand brands work for the people they want to help the most


Grocery Delivery

Bringing same-day grocery orders to your customer’s doors should never be a hassle. Use in-app chat to deliver swift notifications like order summaries, discounts, transactions, and announcements, straight to your customer through any screen


Food Delivery

Use push notifications and in-app reminders to accurately inform food delivery providers and customers. Customers will appreciate being in-the-know about their order status, while delivery drivers will enjoy the simple chat-stream communication


Transportation Services

Tightly integrated messaging and personalized experiences make transportation services (taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc.) easy — and enjoyable — for customers. Erase the problems of poor user interactions before and after your vehicle is called


Home Repair Services

Make it easy for anyone to hire you through your home repair service. Utilize in-app chat, video and voice to personalize first-time interactions and seal contracts in moments, while showing what you do to customers through virtual consultations.


Beauty Services

Our in-app chat platform helps beauty and hairstyling consultants get more appointments scheduled and consultations booked, while enabling clients and customers to connect face-to-face directly through their phones


Training & Learning

Whether you're switching your corporate training model to online, or offering E-learning services, chat can help. Make training and teaching conversational with in-app public and private chatrooms, face-to-face video chat, and voice calls.

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