Enchance your online community platform with real-time chat

Foster connections that grow your online chat community with Applozic's chat API. Build and retain real-time communication, interactions and social conversation.

Use video calling on a social app

Stand out from the crowd, and make conversations interactive and fun across all touchpoints of your app

Social community platforms rely on high-level chat streams to connect their users, but many growing brands are still struggling to catch up. By focusing on a more user-to-user experience, complete with multichannel messaging and integration-friendly capabilities, you can set your social platform up for better retention and stronger engagement.

conversations conversations

Make Conversations Matter

A social community is a place for every user to bond and feel like they belong. Use in-app messaging to connect people in your community based on their likes, dislikes, and vocalized requests

customize customize

Customize Everything

Create conversational experiences your users will love while custom-building. Our advanced UI kit scales as you grow, and allows developers to create 100% custom in-app messaging

Chat Chat

Individual & Group Chat

Enable users to separate messaging channels easily to address either one person or a whole group. Transitions are simple between group chat, public and private group chats, and channel lists

real-time real-time

Real-Time Interactions

Use real-time messaging SDKs and API plugins to connect users 24/7, both online and offline, and streamline and distribute conversations according to your brand guidelines

voice-chat voice-chat

Flexible Voice, Video & Chat

Grow intimate communities through combined visual, voice and chat-based messaging channels. Connecting through not only written conversations, but through high-quality voice and video creates better engagement for your community

media-sharing media-sharing

Rich & Interactive Media Sharing

Make it possible for users to share audio and video files, gifs, documents, still images, and any other attachment they want

trust-community trust-community

Build Trust in Your Community

Get users to fall in love with your platform through personalized messaging experiences that create trust between your users and your brand

protect-users protect-users

Protect & Monitor Users

Ensure your users are always monitored and protected with exceptional security measures and built-in safety controls, powered by end-to-end encryptions. This allows community managers to manage user behavior and send relevant messaging at optimal times

Empower your social community with real-time chat

The8App is a social networking platform that helps influencers grow and monetize their brand in one focused place, while providing a rich community space for influencers and their selected audience.

A rich concept, The8App leveraged in-app messaging to save 8-12 months on development time, and over $69,000.00 in development costs. Plus, their users loved the results.

Case study

The8App, a massive social

networking platform, uses in-app

messaging to connect with

millions of users and grow their

brand with UI customization

Increased engagement, better conversations, and improved user retention across all platforms

Social communities are meant to be fun. And if your users aren't having fun, or are having to put too much effort into chatting, they're going to leave seconds after they open your app. Harnessing a complete messaging platform optimizes your user experiences with meaningful conversations, higher conversion rates, and better retention.



Create interactive experiences for your community with chat, video and voice

Build, customize and grow your social community’s messaging channels with SDKs, APIs, and a powerful UI kit.

  • Watch your users engage with each other through topic-based group chat and public and private channels
  • Video and voice-calling elevates the traditional community experience, enabling groups to chat and hang out without sacrificing quality
  • Create community hubs and spaces unique to each user, so each member can experience their dream social platform — no matter their preference
Various users interacting and collaborating on social app


Update one, two, or every person in your social community through real-time messages splashed across web and mobile devices

  • Push notifications, read receipts, special announcements, and webhook-based custom notifications bolster the experience for users and reduce unwanted tension
  • Integrate typing indicators so users never feel left out of the conversation
  • Allow your users to engage with easy shared media simultaneously, from audio files, to documents, to still images and voice notes
Users chatting on a dating app


Protect members of your community with exceptional privacy and security

End-to-end encryptions and advanced backend security keep your data organized, protected, and shielded from unwanted hackers and eavesdroppers.

  • Moderate users automatically with message filtering and spam protection
  • Promote the safety of your entire community through quick user deactivation
  • Secure messaging begins from the moment your users engage with your app, leaving no guesses or estimates on whether their data is protected right from the start
Secure real-time chat app

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