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Make online education a cinch with chat SDK and messaging APIs: from seamless collaboration, to chat, voice and video communications, to digitized presentations for students and teachers alike

Real-time chat for EdTech app

Take your classroom to the digital landscape while improving communication between teachers, students, and EdTech platforms

E-learning has become the new normal, but most educators in online classrooms struggle to monitor students, organize their teaching materials, and deliver secure messages through channels they can trust. By integrating your education tech to an in-app messaging platform, you can start delivering multichannel communications that improve, not hinder, your teaching process.

productivity productivity

Increase Productivity & Student Interest

Keep students enthralled in your online curriculum with streamlined messaging channels that connect students and teachers through cyberspace

communication communication

Real-Time Communications

Use real-time messaging through chat, voice and video to engage students, from virtual group meetings, to test and quiz delivery

collaboration collaboration

Easy Digital Collaboration

Make collaboration simple between students and teachers using in-app messaging, from screen-sharing to audio presentations

flexibility flexibility

Web & Mobile Flexibility

Use omnichannel messaging on both web and mobile applications to reach and engage students at any point

conversations conversations

Public & Private Conversations

Make it possible for teachers, whether singular or multiple, to address students on their terms in both public and private chatrooms

bridge-education bridge-education

Bridge Education Gaps

Use our complete chat platform to connect users and managers through your preferred channels, whether you’re in a classroom setting or operating an educational tech product

Want to see how real-time chat works in your EdTech?

“Known as the “Tinder for languages,” Amikumu needed a way to tackle their rapidly growing user base with in-app messaging that could scale. Amikumu used Applozic to jump-start their transition from in-house chat to a complete messaging platform that enabled users to immediately begin chatting right away with thousands of new users, saving over $60,000.00 in capital and 2500 hours of development time in the process. “


Social networking EdTech brand,

Amikumu, creates secure

connections and saves

development time with Applozic

Now more than ever, the online learning space is switching to remote and digital, and educators are still scrambling to catch up

In times like this, we understand the transition to online has never been more important. In-app messaging isn’t just about teaching better, or tracking every student in a broad digital landscape; it’s about collaboration, fostering a safe learning environment, and building a future for both students, teachers, and EdTech platforms aiming to make a change. Explore how we help online learning platforms and teaching spaces utilize messaging through voice, video and chat.



Programmable chat, video and voice messaging that connect teachers with other teachers and students, effortlessly

Make the virtual learning experience accessible to students and teachers, without the stress of tech management and complex software. Our in-app messaging SDKs and APIs are easy to install, 100% customizable to fit your requirements, and allow you to access and utilize omnichannel video, voice and chat to your desire.

  • Use mobile-friendly messaging to connect students and teachers on a more personable level, ensuring stronger communication and professional relationship-building
  • Keep your EdTech platform accessible and organized from sector to sector with individual chat, group chat, and voice and video calls
  • Deliver tests, quizzes, and lectures through seamless virtual classroom sessions
Teachers and Students interacting on EdTech app


Monitor students, block unwanted users, and deliver important messages to the right people

Create a safer learning environment with optimum user management capabilities. Our messaging platform allows teachers to remove unwanted users, monitor large groups of students, and maintain a level of calm and control in the virtual classroom.

  • Keep teacher, student, and group environment interactions protected from unauthorized hackers and eavesdroppers
  • Share quiz, test and graded assignment results securely with students through individual private messaging channels, and work through problems together in real-time
  • Block unwanted users from dropping into your virtual classroom at any time
Student reading from a book


Make your EdTech platform the safest it can be, thanks to optimum data security technology and a scalable backend

You deserve outstanding security that puts your teachers and students first, on the same spectrum. Ensure that your conversations are protected and monitored.

  • Two-time user authentication separates real students from false attendees
  • End-to-end encryption ensures conversations between students and teachers are always protected, monitored, and secured
  • Ensure your private conversations are kept hidden between teachers and students, teachers and colleagues, and EdTech platforms with their thousands of users
Teacher explaining to students on eLearning
Happy Applozic Customer

One thing we love about Applozic is their easy-to-understand documentation. This made the overall setup super quick and saved us months of development time

Richard Delamore,

Co-founder & CEO, Amikumu

Use cases

Whether you’re creating a digital environment for your students, or providing technology that innovates the world of education at large, we have a use case for you.


Teachers & Students

Remote teaching eliminates the need for physical syllabi, homework packets, and generalized classroom announcements, making room for teachers and educators of all backgrounds to engage with their students on a more personal level


Teachers & Teachers

In-app chat, voice and video can help teachers share confidential documents, host board meetings and conferences, strategize classes, and discuss curriculum breakdowns, without leaving conversations feeling uninformed and unprepared.


Education Service Providers & Users

From digital collaboration, to core and supplemental curriculums, education software providers can make new and existing user experiences more streamlined, and user-specific with real-time chat integrations.

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