Chat solution for Live Streaming apps

Celebrate, hoot, holler, and cheer together — all in a complete messaging platform that enables users to experience your live-stream the way they want.

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Users chatting on a live-streaming app
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From eSports to social media, live streams are best experienced when amplified with real, human conversations

Many live-streaming services offer chat, but struggle to connect the audience base to the streamers on a personal level. With a multichannel messaging solution, you can optimize your live-streaming brand for your millions of raving fans, subscribers, or general community base — all with insanely powerful chat, voice and video messaging.

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Delight Your Audience

Your fans crave connecting with you. Create a digital stadium experience with real-time chat, and allow to engage with your actions from the sidelines

interactions interactions

Live Interactions

Level-up how your users interact with your brand through instant messaging, voice and video chat

multi-platform multi-platform

Multi-Platform Engagement

Enable your users to engage through mobile, web, and your choice live-streaming app integrations

streaming streaming

Humanize Streaming for Everyone

No matter your industry, real-time chat allows for anyone to discuss scores, comment on results, share giphy and emoticons, and exciting news without the limitations of a traditional, basic chatroom. AI-based moderation keeps conversations pleasant and enjoyable

direct-chat direct-chat

Direct Chat is Better Chat

Conversations aren’t one-sided anymore. Help your users build connections with each other through advanced individual and group chat settings

data-analysis data-analysis

Live Data Analysis

Showcase your numbers proudly through live data analyses and announcements

notifications notifications

Notifications & Updates

Keep your community informed, whether they’re online or offline. Our messaging solutions are powered to update users around the clock

secure secure

Secure & Safe, Always

Head into every live-streaming session with confidence, knowing your users’ messages are secure, and your chat streams are tightly locked

Turn your live-streaming app into a live fan-forward experience

Happy Applozic Customer

Integrating Applozic was a breeze and with their messaging platform, we were able to build something quickly that serves our millions of users; it works great and looks great too.

Puneet Kukreja,,

Product Head, MagicBricks

Make your digital environment an exciting space for any live-stream

It’s never too late to captivate your audience. From live commerce streams, to gaming channels, to eSports, to social media and more, conversations are your most vital asset. Integrate multichannel communications directly into your app, so you can enliven the user experience, create memorable virtual events, and make every interaction feel human.



Deliver live updates and genuine interactions

Enable your audience to share live updates and notifications both inside and outside of your app, thanks to advanced internal coding that allows for thousands of simultaneous chat streams.

  • Encourage growth in your audience base and watch as multilevel messaging allows for consistent sends, live updates, and notifications that enhance the experience
  • Listen to your audience and engage with them in real-time, directly, through live video, voice and chat messaging
  • Create custom experiences for your audience members with powerful messaging APIs and SDKs, all available to integrate directly into your app
Various users chatting on live-streaming app


High-quality video and voice elevate your live-streams

There’s no better way to get your audience involved than with real-time voice and video.

  • Use voice-calling to speak to your users and listen to them in turn
  • Draw in your audience through live video sessions that showcase your interactions in clean, seamless quality
  • Custom data displays unique interactions and information displays on screen, catering to your audience expectations while you focus on streaming
Video calling on a live streaming app


Protect your audience with tight security and simple user moderation

Trust our scalable, secure backend — built right into your app upon installation — to protect your data and moderate users.

  • End-to-end data encryptions ensure optimum security for your business
  • Monitor users, block and remove hostile parties, and guarantee a safer space for your audience
  • Ensure your users are operating in a secure environment, thanks to dedicated and shared hosting, transport-friendly security, and two-time user authentication
Security & Moderation on a live streaming app

Engage with thousands of users in one sitting through online gaming and eSports. Ideal for both casual and professional players, in-app communications helps connect audiences both large and small through higher-level chat, video and voice. Video messaging can especially improve interactions, and allow streamers to communicate with their fanbase face-to-face.


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