Secure Healthcare Messaging

Provide better care for your patients with cost-effective chat, voice and video-calling, and messaging solutions custom-fit for digital healthcare, eHealth and healthcare technologies.

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Realtime chat and video calling for eHealth app
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Build trust with your patients and interact on a more personal level, without compromising safety

Secure, reliable, and enjoyable messaging solutions for healthcare professionals, their internal staff, and the patients they care about. Use in-app communications through chat, video and voice to reach your patients no matter where you -- or they -- are.

messaging messaging

Essential Messaging

Create clear connections between doctors and patients with voice, video, and chat messaging through your web and mobile apps

omnichannel omnichannel

Omnichannel Communication

Organize and distribute chat streams through multiple channels, simultaneously

experience experience

Personalized Experiences

Elevate conversations between doctor and patient into personable chats, catered to each patient’s desires and needs

chatroom chatroom

Public & Private Chatrooms

Enable healthcare providers to address multiple patients through public and private messaging rooms and chat streams

save-money save-money

Reduce Costs & Save Money

Trust a more cost-effective all-in-one messaging solution, instead of managing patients through dozens of outsourced channels

user-management user-management

Easy User Management

Monitor, block, and remove unwanted users from any channel

chatbot-integration chatbot-integration

Chatbot Integration

Integrate any chatbot of your choice to further streamline and capitalize messaging between doctors, nurses and patients, group communities

security-measures security-measures

Reliable Security Measures

Create optimum protection for practitioners and patients through advanced security measures, from flexible data hosting to two-time user authentication

Want to see how it works for your healthcare needs?

“Yoga community super-brand, YogaTrail uses Applozic to boost both new and existing communication channels, build stronger relationships between yoga teachers, while communicating with clients and attracting new ones. By implementing and utilizing real-time chat, they saw over a 1,000% increase in engagement with users, and saved more than 1800 hours in development time.“

Case study

YogaTrail, the world’s largest yoga

network, uses in-app chat to

increase user engagement by over


Happy Applozic chat customer

We were planning a static intercom system with much less complexity, but with Applozic we not only saved development time but also got a far more advanced product; real-time chat!”

Sven Ernst,

CTO, YogaTrail

More healthcare professionals than ever before are turning to digital to take care of their patients

But… there’s a disconnect in modernized telehealth. Most eHealth solutions are unable to account for distance, remote care, and truly personable communication between practitioners and patients. We know how to help doctors interact with their patients from a safe distance, using communications through chat, voice and video that foster relationships and create better outcomes.



Chat, voice and video messaging that connects doctors and patients, anywhere

Make virtual visits enjoyable for both patients and healthcare practitioners. With 97% of practitioners outsourcing patient care through telehealth, it’s more important now than ever to ensure patients are receiving the care they need through clear, trustworthy communications with their providers.

  • Make your messenger app experience suitable for every patient, all with the power of chat APIs and SDKs programmed to custom-build the exact solution your practice needs
  • Individual and group messaging helps segment conversations and make each patient feel welcomed and cared for according to their preference
  • Help build relationships between doctors and patients with high-quality voice and video-calling for web and mobile apps -- whether you’re scheduling pre-screening appointments or following up with a patient after a session
Doctor doing video call with patients


Make your digital healthcare more comforting for patients

Whether you’re operating a virtual healthcare solution on the web or mobile, the need -- and desire -- for personalized experiences has grown for patients and doctors alike.

  • Push notifications, read receipts, and appointment reminders keep doctors and patients always on the same page, and allow for requests to filter through at a faster rate
  • Rapidly deliver patient-specific telehealth messages through chatbot integrations and flexible chat features, all in your platforms of choice
  • Monitor patient progress, approve to send prescriptions and medicine, and deliver test results privately to patients without breaching security measures
Delighted patient chatting with doctor on eHealth app


Enable optimal data security for patients through your healthcare app

Few things frighten a potential patient more than their personal information leaking to the public. Take care of your patients and create confidence for your eHealth solution with powerful data security and user compliance.

  • Two-time user authentication and 24/7 user monitoring keeps hackers, unauthorized users, and unwanted messengers at bay
  • HIPAA compliance ensures top security expectations for patients and practitioners based in the USA or internationally
  • End-to-end encryption ensures conversations between practitioners and patients are always protected
Secure chat platform for eHealth app

Use cases

Seamless chat isn't just for doctors and patients. Explore our use cases to discover the solution that fits your eHealth business.


Patients & Doctors

Empower your patients to communicate directly with their designated nurses, physicians, and healthcare providers, all while reducing unnecessary phone time and in-person visits. Patients can have their needs met immediately through smooth, flexible chat.


Doctors & Staff

Doctors can easily share documentation through chat — like health records, follow-up appointments, diagnostic reports, etc. — with their team. The smooth chat experience creates seamless communication between parties


Staff & Staff

Enable effective communication between staff members, no matter how they work, or where. Integrating fast, effective chat for your staff will improve communication and patient care across all touchpoints.

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Build better relationships between doctors, patients, and staff, while supplying users with human-based messaging