Secure Messaging for Marketplaces

Make more sales, delight more customers, and bridge the gap between buyer and seller with web and mobile messaging that puts shoppers first.

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Chat & Audio Video calling for eCommerce app
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Most online marketplaces are full of noise, and your shoppers are walking through it every single day

Many consumers are too often forced to toggle between their shop of choice and outsourced messaging channels. Start engaging shoppers through our in-app messaging platform, and watch as your customers close more transactions, experience a much safer digital environment, and drive higher engagement.

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Real-time Conversations

Close more transactions through interactive supply and demand through real-time voice, video and chat messaging

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Safer Digital Environment

Encourage safety and full-time moderation with your users, by blocking, removing or dismissing spammers and policy violators

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Personalized Experiences

Bridge the gap between buyer and seller interaction with web and mobile messaging that puts your customers first.

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Top-Notch Security

Protect your customers’ shopping with multiple security measures, from flexible data hosting to two-time user authentication.

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Boost Conversions & Retention

Reduce churn, increase conversations, and retain more customers through omnichannel messaging that treats your shoppers like people, not numbers.

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Build Trust & Loyalty

Reach your customers at their highest purchase intent and reduce cart abandonment with actionable, targeted messages

Want to see how it works for your marketplace?

“Ecommerce retail and fashion consulting brand, Look At Me (LAM) uses Applozic’s complete messaging platform to get more revenue and close higher transactions between shoppers and sellers. By using personalized recommendations and chat widgets, LAM has built more profitable relationships with their customers, and successfully channeled the retail in-store experience into their shopping app.“

Case study

Fashion brand LAM boosts

screentime views by 320%

Superpowered chat for modern marketplaces

You need more than batches of clunky code and pretty catchphrases to build messaging that works. Our video, voice and chat APIs and SDKs are programmable across all web and mobile devices, ensuring your platform of choice is serving your shoppers, smartly.



Close more transactions through real-time conversations

Easily connect buyers and sellers in your online marketplace or eCommerce store. Streamline customer service support, monitor supply and demand, and boost customer retention by keeping your shoppers satisfied for longer.

  • Push notifications and in-app messaging make connecting modern consumers and marketplace merchants easier.
  • Real-time chat made possible through advanced chat messaging that answers questions and addresses concerns in quick time frames.
  • Deliver personalized messages on transactions, payment reminders, onboarding, and limited-time offers to your customers.
Transactions happening on chat in an eCommerce app


Improve customer experiences and reduce churn with voice and video APIs

Fight against churn and increase sales through interactive video and voice messaging. Use voice-calling and video-calling to help buyers reach consumers on a more personal level, building trust and increasing sales as a result.

  • Singular and group messaging makes addressing multiple customers simple
  • Scale your messaging in seconds to meet cross-platform requests, questions, and demands
  • Make digital communications personal through face-to-face interactions
Video & Voice calling for Marketplaces app


Protect your business and data online with trustworthy security

Experience a secure backend that scales with your online marketplace, from privacy, to user authentication, to data compliance.

  • Transatlantic data compliance and security accommodates your business, whether you’re based in the USA or internationally.
  • Monitor and filter offenders in multiple channels to keep customers at ease while they shop.
  • Protect your users with automated and manual moderation capabilities.
Secure communication for marketplaces app

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Close more sales and delight customers with messaging that converts