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Chat SDK and UI Kits

Integrate real-time chat into your existing apps with SDKs for mobile and web.

Reasons why developers love Applozic.

Applozic chat SDKs cuts your development cost and effort so that you can build a secure and scalable chat experience into your app quickly.

Ship Faster
Applozic chat SDKs comes with all the chat essentials and UI components so that you don't have to build everything from scratch.
Developer Friendly
Supports Swift, Objective-C, Java and latest versions of major IDEs. Integrate easily using CocoaPods or as a gradle dependency.
Cross-platform SDKs
Easily port the same app to different platforms with native and hybrid Android, iOS and web SDKs along with REST APIs.

Chat Essentials

Everything you need to build a full-featured in-app messenger real fast

Multiparty Chat
Build one-to-one chat and group chat with automatic device contact sync and user moderation.
Push Notifications
Notify users of new messages with APNs for iOS and FCM/GCM for Android.
Real-time Components
Typing indicators, Read Receipts and Delivery Time Stamps for a delightful messaging experience.
Chat History
Automatic cloud storage so that messages can be accessed on any device from anywhere.
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Local and Device Sync
Messages are saved locally during flaky connections to be resent later and synced real-time across devices.
Rest APIs and webhooks let you integrate audio/video calling, chatbots, and other external apps.
Location and Media Sharing
Users can send images, videos, location etc. which is rendered in an easy-to-see thumbnail.
Applozic SDKs support all internationally recognized languages and also has provisions for RTL scripts.

Go from Pixels to Code

Build your own custom UI for a branded experience or ship out quickly with our drop-in UI

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Drop-in UI
We provide a ready-made plug and play UI just in case you want to ship out quickly. Here you can easily customize the color, typography and choose from various layouts to match your brand’s look and feel.
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Custom Messaging UI
You can also replicate your design mocks and create the exact chat experience which you thought of. Our chat SDK APIs allow you to build your UI from scratch and create interactive experiences inside the conversation.

Scale Customer Communication with Chatbots

Integrate custom chatbots for customer support, sales, and marketing to engage users with automated messages.

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You can integrate custom chatbots via webhooks for intelligent Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging. Chatbots behave the same way as users and can send and receive messages to make product recommendations and help in customer support.

Integrate to the platform of your choice.

See what your peers from growing startups to global enterprises have built using Applozic

Use Cases of Applozic Chat SDK

Everything you need to build a full-featured in-app messenger real fast.

Context-Based Chat
Personalize the chat experience of your users with relevant data from your existing app. Users can maintain distinct chat threads for unique contexts and switch seamlessly.
Actionable Messages
Create an interactive conversational experience with actionable messages. From scheduling to shopping, facilitate key parts of a customer’s journey inside the conversation.
Group Chat Types
Users can create different group types; Open Group for forums and open channels, Public Groups for generic discussions and Closed Group for admin moderated discussions.
Broadcasts and Announcements
Broadcasts and Announcements With the message broadcasting feature, users can send a message to several contacts at once. Announcements are similar to broadcasts, but can't be replied to.
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