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User Moderation and Chat Data

Weed out unwanted users and abusive conversations with moderation features and access complete chat history and analytics, all from a central dashboard.


Admin Level Moderation

Programmatically manage users and conversations to maintain chatroom decorum for a delightful user experience.

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Profanity Filters
Monitor real-time chat messages for swear words and profanity, and censor them automatically.
Delete Users
Permanently delete abusive users and bad actors from the system to delete all chat history and prevent any activity.
Toggle Forward Option
You can enable/disable message forwarding option for users to prevent spamming.
Admin Messages
Send admin messages (such as announcements) to a group of users or multiple channels at once.
User Visibility
Manage the visibility of your application's users such that they can see only specific users, whom they have access to.
Ban Users
You can put a temporary ban on specific users to prevent them from sending messages, which you can revoke later.

Peer-to-peer Moderation

Allow users to prevent others from messaging them and to report issues of harassment or bullying.

Block User
Users can block fellow users to stop receiving messages from them and can unblock them later.
Mute Channel
Users can mute channels or other users for a specific duration to stop receiving messages and notifications.

Chat Data and Analytics

Central dashboard to visually track and analyze all key metrics with complete flexibility on export and retrieval of data.

Chat Analytics
Visually track and monitor trends in your key data points like monthly active users, total message count etc.
Data Export
Manually export all chat data from the dashboard or do it programmatically using our APIs to create backups.
Message Retrieval API
Programmatically retrieve messages from any thread by calling our backend APIs based on your business logic.
Migration API and Support
Looking to move from any other service to Applozic? Do it easily with our migration APIs and help from our support team.

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