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Chat Servers & Security

Advanced encryption and security standards to protect your data at all times. Choose from dedicated and shared hosting to best suit your needs.

Dedicated Server Deployment
Higher level of security, infinite scalability, and dedicated support and monitoring to provide you with optimal performance.
Shared Servers
Multi-Tenant hosting is recommended for companies with light usage having controlled peak connections and MAU levels.

Security Architecture

Keep your data and business protected with Applozic

User Authentication
Password data is stored in a one-way salted hash, and authenticated via SSL. We also support two-factor authentication at the client level.
Data Security
All application traffic occurs over SSL/TLS, and all network traffic is encrypted via SSL/SSH.
Security in Transport
The Applozic platform connects over HTTPS automatically, to prevent SSL stripping attacks over untrusted networks.
Cookie Attributes
Cookies are only sent over secured connections and cannot be accessed over non-HTTP(S) methods.

Advanced Encryption

We ensure prevention of your chat data from unwanted eavesdropping and modification

Encryption at Rest
All user chat data are stored with AES encryption in highly secure geographically distributed ISO 270001-compliant cloud servers for restricted access.
Encryption at Motion
Default SSL/TLS encryption protects any breaches during data transfer between the server and the client. An additional encryption level for rest API payloads using AES can also be enabled.

Physical Security

Applozic’s servers are hosted by AWS in geographically distributed data centers in the United States, Europe, and SE Asia. AWS is compliant with ISO 270001, SOC 2, SOC 3, GDPR and other security standards. Security information about their data centers can be found here

Best Practices

Security is part us, and part you. We, therefore, recommend the following settings for improved security.

User Authentication Security
You can configure accessToken URL to authenticate users from your backend server. We support adding your own key which will be passed in the header to identify the source of the authentication call.
Webhook API Security
If you are using our webhook feature, to avoid any calls from unidentified sources, you can configure your own key on our dashboard. This key will be sent in the header for each webhook request.

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Applozic Messaging solutions helped us provide a secure communication platform to our customers. Their support during integration made us choose them over other providers.
Arumuga Nainar
Arumuga Nainar
Co-Founder and Managing Director - Ayoga

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