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Scale your business, launch quickly, and accelerate conversions with confidence

Most chat solutions take years to develop, are outrageously expensive, and lack the compliance capabilities you need to lead your team from idea to launch. With Applozic, you can design, create, and enter the market at a much faster rate, while building genuine relationships with your customers through connections that matter.

Whether you work in finance, tech, eCommerce, healthcare, or nonprofits, Applozic can help your team overcome time constraints with the ultimate in-app chat solution—built for developers, by developers.









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Insanely powerful in-app chat solutions

Complete chat development at your fingertips. Powerful SDKs, UI kit building elements, and advanced data and backend security help you customize and build a fully-functioning chat product for mobile and web in a matter of hours, not months.

  • Less work, better results. Advanced SDKs and UI kits make your development process easy, efficient, and cost-effective
  • Our chat APIs give you complete control and flexibility on what you add and remove, so you can build with speed and integrate effortlessly
  • Streamline customer usability with real-time chat, multiparty chat, push notifications, video and voice, cross-platform integration, and many more features that enable you and your customers to connect and engage
In-app Chat


Manage, track and monitor your analytics with ease

Visualize your data, analytics, and security details, all in one place.

  • Central Dashboard allows you to view data points and analytics, review with your team, and then export everything to your preferred doc in minutes.
  • Reduce unwanted discrimination at your command, right through the server.
  • Gain admin control to oversee any and all changes, and make decisions to keep your server responsibly managed and delightful to use.
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Security protocols and infrastructure that protects your data, every step of the way

Never worry about security again. Your data is protected with us at all times, thanks to a collection of chat servers powered by advanced encryption protocols.

  • Advanced encryption protects your data from eavesdroppers, hackers, and unwanted modification attempts.
  • Compliant with and hosted by AWS for far-reaching data distribution and protection.
  • Choose between dedicated and shared hosting to ensure your security is protected in the right place.
Secure, encrypted chat solution

Put your industry first with messaging that connects, grows, and converts

Streamline your messaging and increase revenue, from personalized customer chats, to advanced data collection, to smart trust-building tactics, and more--no matter where you are or what you’re about. Check it out.

Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce
Chat for eCommerce


Increase in customer engagement for a global athletics network



Boost in screen views for a fashion social media shopping app



Increase in lead generation through mobile chat for #1-ranked property site

Built for developers, empowered by creators

Our feature-rich platform enables any and all developers to optimize messaging with high-quality, flexible end-to-end solutions. By completing everything on our side of the wall, you and your team are able to focus on more important things, like product development. In the meantime, we provide chat APIs and in-app messaging SDKs for Android, iOS, web apps, JavaScript, and more--all doable in one place, at all times.

With Applozic, you can use the language you already know and love, and transform user experiences in your industry from ordinary to extraordinary.


let user = ALUser()
user.userId = "userid" //pass the login userId
user.displayName = "Demo UserName" // User's Display Name
//Pass applicationKey here
var applozicClient = ApplozicClient(applicationKey: "Application key") as ApplozicClient
applozicClient.loginUser(user, withCompletion: { response, error in
if error == nil {
print("Login success")
let alMessage ={ alMessageBuilder in
alMessageBuilder?.to = "userId" //pass userId to whom you want to send a message
alMessageBuilder?.message = "Message text here" // Pass message text
applozicClient.sendTextMessage(alMessage, withCompletion: { (alMessage, error) in
if(error == nil){
//Success }

// Initialize Applozic with your application key.
Applozic.init(context, applicationKey);
User user = new User();
user.setDisplayName(“Demo display name”);
// Register user to applozic
Applozic.connectUser(context, user, new AlLoginHandler() {
public void onSuccess(RegistrationResponse registrationResponse, Context context) {
//Send message to any user using unique userId
new MessageBuilder(context).setMessage("Hello there").setTo(“userId”).send();

public void onFailure(RegistrationResponse registrationResponse, Exception exception) {


(function(d, m){var s, h;
s = document.createElement("script");
s.type = "text/javascript";
m.init=function(t){m.\_globals=t;}})(document, window.applozic || {});
     appId: 'applozic-sample-app',  //Get your application key from
     userId: 'applozic-Demo',       //Logged in user's id, a unique identifier for user
     userName: 'applozic-Demo',     //User's display name
     onInit : function(response) {
        if (response === "success") {
           // login successful, perform your actions if any
        } else {
           // error in user login/register (you can hide chat button or refresh page)

  var alUser = {
    'userId' : "userId",   //Put userId here
    'authenticationTypeId' : 1,
    'displayName': "demo display name",
    'applicationId' : 'Application key',  //Put application key here
    'deviceApnsType' : 0    //Set 0 for Development and 1 for Distribution (Release)

applozic.login(alUser,() => {
applozic.launchChat(null, () => {}, () => {});
}, () => {});

var ApplozicChat = NativeModules.ApplozicChat;
'userId': "userId",
'displayName': "demo Display Name",
'applicationId': "Application Id"
'deviceApnsType': 0
}, (error, response) => {

import requests
import os
import json


data = {
'to':'John', #UserId to which you want to send message
'message':'Hi John' #Text Message
headers = {'Authorization': 'Authentication is done using BASIC authentication.Basic Base64Encode of 'userId:deviceKey'',
'Application-Key':'Your Application Key',

r =, headers=headers, data=json.dumps(data))

Enterprise-ready, always

From ambitious startups to thriving enterprise companies, we create messaging that attracts the right people and builds relationships worth trusting, without ever having to build from scratch. No matter where you’re positioned in your business or how early you are in the development cycle, we can help you build, elevate, and secure those connections you seek with your customer base, so you can launch with confidence.


We’ve got your back

Developers from many business backgrounds--from startups to enterprise--trust our chat solutions to create messaging that works. Plus, if you’re feeling stuck, our team of experts are always available to help you 24/7.

Never again lose customers to clunky messaging

Build meaningful connections with the ultimate real-time chat, video and audio platform, today.